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Asseto Corsa servers

You can find or online server by typing racew in the online searsh option in Asseto Corsa
If there is a password protected server you can get the password treu or Teamspeak server or become a member of this site and join the Asseto Corsa group 

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  • ROSCO link a video.
    54 minutes ago

    cool stuff

  • ROSCO link a video.
    1 hour 38 minutes ago

    In this video i am showing you how to install mods for assetto corsa! here are the links you need! MOD DOWNLOAD:

    Handy For the New Crew !!!

  • Classicpark posted a new discussion

    5 days ago

  • Classicpark replied to the topic 'Kart Racing Pro World record at Goldenport' in the forum.

    Netjes nice Job ;)

  • ROSCO link a video.
    1 week ago
    Assetto Corsa Teaser Trailer

    Check out our exclusive coverage of the Assetto Corsa Press Event:


    Classicpark Ken hem ergens van
    6 days ago
  • Classicpark added a new comment in Assetto Corsa Release Candidate news!

    Ben benieuwd Im Happy

    ROSCO wij aallemaal denk ik Classie
    2 weeks ago 1
  • ROSCO link a video.
    2 weeks ago

    uit de oude doos maar wat een skils !!!

  • ROSCO link a video.
    2 weeks ago
    Crash Compilation [HD] #2

    Crash Compilation [HD] #2 Facebook: Music: MY VIDEOS MAIN PURPOSE: All of my Car Crash videos are only for education purpose. Take this car crash video as learning tool. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe. Help the Victim of Car Crash Because you might also face the same kind of Car Crash. If your Video is in this Compilation please contact me if you want to be credited for it or have your part removed, thank you. Copyright All rights reserved to "BestFunCompetitions"

    Kan natuurlijk ook buiten de racebaan goed mis gaan LOL !! - <i class="joms-emoticon joms-emo-shocked"></i> feeling shocked</i>

    Classicpark Drommels
    2 weeks ago
  • ROSCO link a video.
    2 weeks ago
    Ultimate Racing Crash Compilation [HD] #1

    Ultimate Racing Crash Compilation [HD] #1 Facebook: I have the permission to use this song for crediting the artist: Song: May of Sorrow - Here To Stay May of Sorrow's channel: MY VIDEOS MAIN PURPOSE: All of my Car Crash videos are only for education purpose. Take this car crash video as learning tool. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe. Help the Victim of Car Crash Because you might also face the same kind of Car Crash. Any Copyright issues? -send me a massage and we get it solved!

    Woeeepsss !!!

  • ROSCO link a video.
    2 weeks ago

    For more visit : FACEBOOK - Contact : , Phone : +48518216699 WEBSITE - INSTAGRAM - TWITTER - CAMERA BY MACIEK KOCHMAN -

    `dit wil ik jou ook wel eens zien doen Clasicpark !!! - <i class="joms-emoticon joms-emo-excited"></i> feeling excited</i>

    Classicpark Dat doe ik s'morgens als ik opsta ...Penuts
    2 weeks ago 1
    2 weeks ago

    Goede Morgen beste leden
    zoals bij sommige van jullie bekend is is het Teamspeak adderes veranderd om alle problemen te verhelpen die er speelde
    helaats is vrijdag gebleken dat dit niet het geval is en de problemen nog steeds bestaan
    ik ben daar zeer ontstemd over en heb onze leveransier van ts een ultimatum gesteld ik laat het echter aan jullie over om over 6 dagen te beslissen
    zie @mail hier benede en hoop jullie hier voldoende mee te hebben geinformeerd:

    So that's it? probably you are not aware of all the problems !!last week your Colegas changed my ip and the same day I got the same problem as the old ip and then I get over the whole weekend put in the dark I am very angry and ask myself why I still pay for this mess from the beginning, we are already trying to solve the problem and you come up with this post I am very disappointed in your way of actingI thought I was at the right adderess with you for a trustworthy 24/7 Teamspeak Unfortunately it does not seem to be the caseI advise you to take a good view add all Tickets and ask yourself the question, is this the way to treat customers as it happened this weekend I still have six days to go before my next paymentit is up to you reaction / and the smooth running of your teamspeak whether I stay here or go looking for a new Teamspeak I pay almost $ 8 per month and expect something decent for and not something that is or is not online every time

  • ROSCO link a video.
    3 weeks ago
    Assetto Corsa - Circuit du Laquais (v0.1)

    Authorised track conversion from GT Legend, originally made by Barcika. V0.2: Changelog: - 12 pit and race start positions - IA working (will need a few tweaks but it's a start...) - Working track map in-game - Added picture and track map in the menu (track selection) - Remove "road edge" - A few graphical improvements V0.1:

    <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="…; - <i class="joms-emoticon joms-emo-happy"></i> feeling happy</i>

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