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Asseto Corsa servers

You can find or online server by typing racew in the online searsh option in Asseto Corsa
If there is a password protected server you can get the password treu or Teamspeak server or become a member of this site and join the Asseto Corsa group 

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Classicpark added a new comment in Assetto Corsa – Bonus DLC Pack Unveiled 2 weeks ago

Op naar zandvoort

nice job

Updated the news stream van AC - feeling cool…

Johnnie Walker Whiskey by Sjonnie Loper - Trading Paints

Black & Yellow with decals wheel & number color : #aa8208

Classicpark 1 month ago
admin created a new topic ' Update 1.1.6' in the forum. 2 months ago

1.1.6 Changelog:

- Fixed no collision bug between first 2 cars in the server list
- Fixed TCP connection getting dropped for timeout
- Fixed Pagani Huayra rear wings animation bug, wrongly connected to the animated suspensions on the last update. Physics unchanged and unaffected
- Updated suspension on LaFerrari, missed on last updated due to time constrains
- Fixed server output for "LAP WITH CUTS"
- Fixed KERS not recharging when car is reset
- Telemetry speed graph is now autoadjusted for max speed
- Fixed animations running at wrong speed during replays
- Fixed CPU time in render stats with negative numbers on PC with timer drifting
- Fixed pitstop automatic controller not pressing the clutch and sometimes leaving the car moving away
- Fixed Essential and RacePosition app wrong values in replay mode
- Fixed Leaderboard in online races
- Added flags, penalties, kers to the shared memory
- Fixed wrong tyre temperature value in the car setup screen
- Fixed crash if a non existent PP effect is selected
- Fixed problem with TAB leaderboard on change session
- Removed invalidation message from drift and time attack modes
- Change camera button can now be assigned properly to another key
- Fixed penalties on time attack
- Fixed bad rear pressure slider placement on Lotus 2-11 setup
- Default launcher theme: skip YouTube device support message
- Ferrari F40 S3 brake bias adjustments in setup
- Mclaren F1 GTR front left Toe-in setup slider value fixed
- Added Fuel pressure (shows fuel quantity) to BMW M3 E30 DTM and Group A
- Fuel indicator working for Alfa Romeo GTA, Lotus 2-11, Lotus Elise SC, Lotus Exige 240, Lotus Exige Scura, Lotus Exige S & Roadster & V6cup, Lotus Evora S & GTE & GTE Carbon, Mercedes SLS, McLaren MP4 12C, Pagani Huayra
- Corrected fuel indicator scale for BMW M235iR, McLaren P1, Shelby Cob


Classicpark liked admin's photo 2 months ago

12:39 – Formula 1 tyre supplier Pirelli has named its compound nominations for the upcoming Spanish, Monaco, Canadian and Austrian Grands Prix. The Italian brand will supply its Medium and Hard rubber in Spain, and has nominated its ...

Classicpark shared a video in Asseto Corsa group. 3 months ago

for AC 1.1.5\nVerry nice - feeling sweet

(WIP) Assetto Corsa, Mercedes SLS Safety Car


SjonnieLoper added a video. 3 months ago


Force Dynamics 401cr / Assetto Corsa /...

A quick video of me royally hosing a lap of Assetto Corsa's Nordschleife in the rather beastly Lotus 98t, a vehicle which is even more likely than a Hollywood agent to stab you in the back. I won't even try to defend the driving; it was not my finest hour. But driving the ring badly is still more fun than driving a lot of tracks well, so I'm gonna count it as a win! (For the curious, yes, I know, the video start a couple of corners in; I wanted to get the machine rotated around to check the lighting and that was the easiest way to make sure everything was OK before I started the cameras...)

admin created a new topic ' 1.1.5 update internal sound problem temp fix' in the forum. 3 months ago

1.1.5 update internal sound problem temp fix for non KUNOS car mods
Read this

Rename your sfx dir(map)
Unzip the file you downloaded and drop in your content folder rename original first
Please note its just a temp fix :blink: :sick:


Asseto Cors update 1.1.5 geen engine geluid meer voor geen AC car mods .
Wie nog meer?? - feeling irritated

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