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7 years 2 months ago - 7 years 2 months ago #77 by SjonnieLoper
Hi all!,

And welcome to our community,

There are some basic rules on our servers to keep things CLEAN, FAIR & FUN!

When you enter our servers during a race : PLEASE STAY IN PITLANE UNTIL RACE IS FINNISHED!

if you want to start practicing during a race GIVE WAY to ALL CARS and make sure not to BLOCK or CRASH the race drivers! this is te best way to get kicked and banned for life...

Don't try to win the race in the 1st corner, to finnish 1st you first have to finnish, take it easy the 1st few corners so everybody can have a clean start and fun race!

In case of an accident or crash, remain calm.. wait for the person you accedently crashed into.. and it really helps to say sorry!

ALWAYS KEEP 2 TYRES ON THE TRACK INSIDE THE WHITE LINES! giving way to other player so you dont crash, then it's ALOWED to go OUTSIDE of the LINES!

NEVER STOP ON THE RACELINE!! < 2nd best way to get kicked fast

BECAREFULL WHEN RE-ENTERING TRACK AFTER CRASH OR SPIN! < 3rd best way to get kicked and banned

When outbraking an opponent youre front bumper should be past the other drivers front doorframe for us to considder you beside/passed the opponent, if not give way and try the next corner...!

The inside corner has the advantage over the outside, but still, keep inside at all costs to avoid ramming youre opponent off track..

AVOID ALL CONTACT! The damage model of Assetto Corsa needs some work, the smallest touch can make youre opponent spin, so please avoid all contact!

It's all about the mind set, CLEAN, FAIR & FUN for all,

We won't kick people for being slow or making mistakes, but being an INCONSIDDERATE A-SOCIAL ASSHOLE is te last best way to get kicked and banned for life..

All others welcome to our communtiy and we wish you lot's of racing fun!

B) Sjonnie

Want a second chance on our servers? pm me or classicpark youre GUID# number so we can UNBLOCK youre account o our server

You can find this number @ C://.../my documents/ assetto corsa/cfg/race.cfg (open with notepad ) the number should be down there somewhere!

Just remember you only get 1 2nd chance...!
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