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Well over 30 of iRacing’s top drivers are expected to compete in Saturday’s iRacing All-Stars, a unique four-discipline event that will see this year’s World Champions and drivers who competed in two or more iRacing World Championships face off in all four license classes. The tentative entry lists for both the international and North American splits are as follows:

International Split (15:00 GMT/10AM ET)


Driver Name

07Alexander Voß
3Lewis Hewett
7Jeremy Bouteloup
9Joel Berkley
10Jack Sedgwick
11Maximilian Benecke
13Sebastian Job
18Antoine Higelin
22Sami-Matti Trogen
26Laurin Heinrich
49Jamie Fluke
74Ricardo Castro Ledo
97Adri Perez
98Kevin Ellis Jr.
107Tuomas Tahtela


North American Split (12PM ET/9AM PT)


Driver Name

6Zack Novak
06Garrett Lowe
11Cole Neuhalfen
12Alex Bergeron
14Casey Kirwan
17Michael Guest
18Bobby Zalenski
23Justin Thomas
24Mitchell deJong
49David Heileman
51Matt McKinney
74Adam Elby
75Phillip Diaz
80Vinnie Sansone
81Austen Semmelmann
99Logan Clampitt
121Josh Fox
127Blake Matjoulis
131Bobby Sandt Jr.
211Alex Smolders

All participants listed are subject to change.

iRacing All-Stars will stream live on Saturday on the iRacing eSports Network on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube, with coverage produced by Racespot. For more information on iRacing and for special offers, visit

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